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Comprehensive Private Health Checks

Our health checks go beyond the basic and give you real insight as they include detailed multi-organ ultrasound scans, high level blood tests, health questionnaire all with a doctors report to help put it all together.

Good health enables us to lead the lives we want to lead. However, it isn’t something to be taken for granted. Staying fit, active and well takes some effort, and requires regular medical checks along the way.

How it works

Our Range of Health Checks

Health Checks for Women


WellWoman Advanced

40+ Point Health Assessment.

Includes Upper Abdomen, KUBP, Pelvis & Abdominal Aorta Scans and extensive blood tests.

Detect problems before they become troubles.


Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer related deaths among women worldwide.

Ovarian Cancer is often detected at an advanced stage which generally results in poor survival rates, therefore early detection is key to improved survival.

Health Checks for Men


WellMan Advanced

40+ Point Health Assessment.

Includes Upper Abdomen, KUB, Testes and Abdominal Aorta Scans and extensive blood tests.

Detect problems before they become troubles.


Reproductive Man

Your reproductive health plays a significant role in your overall health and well-being. If you are feeling concerned or have had an abnormal sperm test result this proactive health check is the perfect choice for you.

The assessment includes scans to check for major structural problems and blood tests which analyse the major hormones related to reproduction.


Prostate PSA

This proactive health check includes an ultrasound scan and blood test.

The blood test will measure your Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) level.

The Ultrasound scan provides a basic check of the prostate and will determine the size (volume) and shape of the gland.

Whats included in a Health Check

Ultrasound Scans

All our Health Checks include detailed Ultrasound Scans which can be multi organ scans or specific region / organ scans. Click on a specific health check to find out more about what the scan will cover.

Blood Tests

Blood testing is a very important and useful diagnostic tool as it helps give indications and clues as to the current state of an organ, system or condition, etc. which is why all our health checks include blood testing.

All About You

Diagnostic tests are one thing but pairing that with a relevant health and medical history questions helps put it all into perspective.

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The Scan Clinic specialise in ultrasound scans and multi-system health checks, designed to ensure that you enjoy the best possible health, regardless of your age or gender. We are proud to bring you health checks powered by The Scan Clinic team of Clinical excellence.